2010 Pepe/Levee Tournament–Schedule

SPRINGFIELD, NJ–On Sunday, GMC Hoops received the schedule for the upcoming 2010 Pepe/Levee Holiday Tournament, which is taking place at Jonathan Dayton Regional High School in Springfield. The tourney is scheduled for Monday, December 27th and Wednesday, December 29th. There are four teams competing in the tournament: Islamic Day, Jonathan Dayton, Metuchen, and Port Richmond (S.I.). Below is the schedule for opening and final rounds of the tourney:

2010 Pepe/Levee Holiday Tournament–Opening Round–December 27th

  • Metuchen vs. Port Richmond (S.I.), 3:00 PM
  • Islamic Day vs. Jonathan Dayton, 7:00 PM

2010 Pepe/Levee Holiday Tournament–Final Round–December 29th

  • Metuchen-Port Richmond loser vs. Islamic Day-Jonathan Dayton loser, 3:00 PM
  • Metuchen-Port Richmond winner vs. Islamic Day-Jonathan Dayton winner, 7:00 PM

GMC Hoops plans to cover one of the two games involving Metuchen in this tourney.