GMC Hoops Alumni Performance In Coaches Against Cancer Game Begs The Question–How About a GMC Hoops Old Timers Game?

PERTH AMBOY, NJ–After watching some of the GMC Boys Basketball Alumni do very well in the Coaches Against Cancer Game at the GMCBCA Senior All-Star Game, I went away thinking, “How about having an Alumni Game?” A GMC Hoops Old-Timers Game would be great to have. Now while it is true that former players like Donnie Reid, Drew Hill, Matt Gigliello, Steve Liberty, Jose Rodriguez, Kevin Baptiste-Ousley, John Wojcik, and John Greco are all still relatively young, there are many former players that are still in good shape.

Several years ago, John Haley tried to organize such a game to be played between the Girls and Boys GMCT Championship Games at the RAC, but unfortunately the idea was shot down. Such legends as Brian Taylor had expressed interest in playing in such a game. Just to have great players such as Taylor, Blake Taylor, Gary Brokaw, Larry Spigner, Tony Newsom, Mike Doctor, Ray Stewart, Buck Jenkins, Jay Williams, John Celestand, Dewey Ferguson, Tony Lee, David Capers, Mars Mellish, Donnell Lumpkin, and so many others get together for such a game, or just to be honored would be a great moment celebrating the history and tradition of the GMCT and the league in general.