GMC Hoops Highlights–November 6, 2016–Morristown vs. Piscataway–Immaculata Fall League

Here are highlights from the action in Morristown’s win over Piscataway on the final day of the 2016 Immaculata Fall League in Somerville.

In the sixth game of the final day of the 2016 Immaculata Fall League, third place Piscataway took on first place Morristown. Despite only having six players, the Colonials managed to turn a 23-19 deficit into a 41-26 advantage with a 22-7 surge over a span of about 11 and a half minutes. From there, Morristown cruised to a 46-34 win. Cameron Saintil was a bright spot for PWAY in defeat. The win gave Morristown the overall league title outright with a 7-1 record while Piscataway finished in a six way tie for third at 5-3.