GMC Hoops Mock Seeding of 2019 GMCT

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ—On Friday morning, the 2019 Greater Middlesex Conference Tournament seeding committee will convene at Spotswood High School. GMC Hoops spent some time on Thursday to create a mock seeding of the 2019 GMCT, and here’s how we break it down, and come up with the seeds.

Red Division

Old Bridge 13-1 (17-3) – Beat St. Joseph’s, Edison, Woodbridge
St. Joseph’s 10-4 (14-6) — Beat Old Bridge, Beat St. Peter’s Prep.
Piscataway 9-5 (11-9) — Beat St. Joseph’s, lost at Linden 53-45…beat JPS twice)
Monroe 7-7 (12-8) — Beat P-Way twice. Split with SB. Beat SAY
South Brunswick (10-10) 7-7 — Beat St. Joseph’s, Split with MON – Won 10 of Last 14 Lost to No. Brunswick and New Brunswick in Holiday Tourney without Strickland. Both games close.
J.P. Stevens 6-8 (10-11) —Beat Ahr, St. Joseph’s, Monroe, SB, SAY – Lost 11 of last 14. Lost to ED.
East Brunswick 4-10 (7-13) Beat JPS, Monroe, NB, NoB, lost WBG
Perth Amboy 0-14 (4-17) —No wins in GMC

White Division

Colonia 12-0 (17-3) – Beat Carteret and South Plainfield, Beat New Brunswick 26 both times and Edison by average of 28.5 ppg. New Brunswick and Edison 2nd and 3rd place teams. Lost to Linden at home (40-37).

New Brunswick 8-4 (13-6) – Split with Edison. Lost to EB. Beat SB (without Strickland)

Edison 6-6 (10-9) – Split with New Brunswick. Beat JPS (40-38). Lost to OB (49-45). Lost to CAR (58-49) Wantong didn’t play. Lost to Ahr (63-55) Won 9 of 13. Playing without Pryor and Wantong from mid-season on.

Woodbridge 4-8 (6-12) – Started season 1-9. Have won 5 of 8 since. Split with SAY, ED, and NoB. Also beat EB and MID (which split with SR). Lost to Colonia by only 11 first time (59-48) and 8 the 2nd time (45-37). Split with JFK.

North Brunswick 4-8 (5-14) – Started season 3-2. Have lost 12 of 14 since. Split with WBG, ED, and SAY. Beat SB. Lost to EB. Split with JFK. Lost to SR.

Sayreville 4-8 (4-17) – Split with WBG, ED, NoB, and JFK. Lost to JPS. Lost to Monroe. Lost to SR.

J.F. Kennedy 4-8 (4-14) – Beat NB. Split with WBG, NoB, SAY. Lost to SR, Spotswood, and South Plainfield.W

Blue Division

Bishop Ahr 12-0 (19-3) – Beat Carteret twice (69-65 on January 9th) and in OT at BGA (62-58) on February 1st. Lost to JPS (59-47) and beat Edison (without Wangtong and Pryor) 63-55.

Carteret 9-3 (14-6) – Started season at 3-3. Won 11 of 14 Since. Lost to Colonia (49-41). Beat Edison (58-49), North Brunswick (88-70), and Woodbridge (76-47). Also defeated Union (63-58 OT) out of conference.

South River 7-5 (15-6) – Swept by Ahr and Carteret. Split with Middlesex. Beat SAY, NoB, JFK, P-Way Tech, and SA.

Middlesex 4-8 (7-11) – Split with SPOTS. Split with SR. Swept SP. Beat Amboy Tech and P-Way Tech. Lost on road to DUN by 30 (77-47) – without Dickey. Swept by MET.

Spotswood 4-8 (7-15) – Started season 3-0 before losing 12 straight. Beat CAR, Beat JFK and TC, Split with MID, Split with SP and MET. Lost to DUN on road by 8 (71-63).

Metuchen 3-9 (8-10) – Swept Middlesex. Split with SPOTS. Swept by SP. P-Way Tech and Amboy Tech. Lost to Calvary.

South Plainfield 3-9 (5-16) – Swept Metuchen. Beat JFK. Split with SPOTS. Swept by MID. Lost to P-Way Tech and Amboy Tech. Lost to Colonia. Lost to Edison.

Gold Division

Dunellen 15-1 (18-3) – Won Gold on Court. Beat Middlesex and Spotswood. Split with P-Way Tech. Swept Amboy Tech. Lost to Burlington Township and Bound Brook outside of conference.

Perth Amboy Tech 12-4 (14-8) – Swept P-Way Tech and completed schedule. Beat South Plainfield. Lost to JPS. Swept by Dunellen.

Piscataway Tech 12-3 (15-8) – Didn’t complete schedule. Beat Dunellen. Swept by Amboy Tech. Beat South Plainfield. Lost to Middlesex, Metuchen, and South River.

South Amboy 7-9 (10-11) – Swept Highland Park and completed schedule. Lost to SR.

Highland Park 7-8 (9-8) – Didn’t complete schedule. Swept by South Amboy. Beat Amboy Tech.

Calvary Christian 5-11 (8-12) – Beat Metuchen, HP and SA. Split with TC.

Timothy Christian 5-11 (5-14) – Beat Amboy Tech, Split with CC. Swept SA. Lost to Spotswood.

East Brunswick Tech 4-12 (7-15) – WH, HP, CC and TC.

Wardlaw-Hartridge 4-12 (4-14) – Swept TC. Beat CC and EB Tech.

GMC Hoops Seeds

1. Old Bridge — Beat St. Joe’s, Swept P-Way, and JPS, and defeated WBG by 20.
2. St. Joseph’s — Beat Old Bridge and finished 2nd in GMC Red. Won 9 straight.
3. Colonia—Won GMC White. Defeated NB and Edison handily. Lost 40-37 at home to Linden.
4. Piscataway — Beat St. Joseph’s and finished 3rd in GMC Red. Also swept JPS. Lost to Linden on the road 53-45.
5. Bishop Ahr—Won GMC Blue. Lost to JPS and defeated Edison by 8.
6. New Brunswick—Defeated South Brunswick. Finished 2nd in GMC White
7. South Brunswick—Defeated St. Joseph’s. Split with Monroe.
8. Dunellen—Won GMC Gold on Court although new rule denies Destroyers since they didn’t move up.
9. Monroe—Swept P-Way. Split with South Brunswick.
10. Carteret—Finished 2nd in GMC Blue and defeated Edison. Won 11 of 14.
11. Edison—Beat New Brunswick and J.P. Stevens—Finished 3rd in GMC White. Won 9 of 13.
12. J.P. Stevens—Defeated Ahr, St. Joseph’s, Monroe, and SB. Lost 11 of 14.
13. Woodbridge—Defeated EB and Edison.
14. East Brunswick—Defeated Monroe, J.P. Stevens, New Brunswick, and North Brunswick.
15. South River—Defeated North Brunswick, Sayreville, and Kennedy.
16. J.F. Kennedy—Defeated New Brunswick
17. North Brunswick—Defeated South Brunswick.
18. Sayreville—Split with Woodbridge. Lost to South River.
19. Middlesex—Lost to Woodbridge. Split with South River.
20. Perth Amboy—Red Division. Didn’t play any GMC teams outside of Red.
21. Spotswood—Defeated Carteret and Middlesex.
22. Perth Amboy Tech—2nd in GMC Gold—won Division on technicality with Dunellen. Beat South Plainfield and P-Way Tech (swept).
23. Piscataway Tech—3rd in GMC Gold—defeated SP and Dunellen.
24. South Plainfield—defeated Metuchen twice. Lost to Amboy Tech and P-Way Tech.
25. Metuchen—lost to SP twice. Swept Middlesex and defeated Amboy Tech and P-Way Tech.
26. South Amboy—Swept Highland Park.
27. Highland Park—Beat Amboy Tech.
28. Calvary Christian—Beat Metuchen, South Amboy, and Highland Park.
29. Timothy Christian—Beat Amboy Tech and South Amboy.
30. East Brunswick Tech—Defeated Highland Park.
31. Wardlaw-Hartridge—Swept Timothy Christian.