GMC Hoops Play-By-Play–#11 New Providence @ #6 Dunellen–NJSIAA North Jersey Section 2 Group I State Tournament–Opening Round–February 27, 2012

DUNELLEN, NJ–On Monday night, the opening round of the 2012 NJSIAA North Jersey Section 2 Group I State Tournament took place at The Faber in Dunellen between the sixth seeded Destroyers and the 11th seeded New Providence Pioneers from the Union County Conference. New Providence jumped out to a 10-0 lead and never looked back in a 53-37 victory. The Pioneers led by as many as 20 points in the fourth quarter. Below is the play-by-play from the contest.

First Quarter

6:35–NP–layup for a 2-0 lead.
6:05–DUN–Kevin Puckett #3–swipes steal.
5:58–DUN–Gibney dishes to Brown for layup attempt, but he misses.
5:48–NP–two handed layin for a 4-0 lead.
5:11–NP–layup from left low block for a 6-0 lead.
4:41–DUN–fouled on floor.
4:19–NP–nice dish for layup from left side for an 8-0 lead.
2:31–NP–knifes into the zone trap from the left wing, and dishes to cutter from right side for layup and a 10-0 lead.
2:07–NP–fouled on floor.
1:40–NP–take some time off the clock; very patient, but lose ball out of bounds.
1:26–NP–blocks shot attempt by Brown.
1:05–DUN–Jeff Puckett picks up steal, passes ahead to Gibney for layup, and a 10-2 NP lead…first points and FG…1-7 FG for DUN so far.
28.1–DUN–Jeff Puckett forces another NP turnover.
0.0–DUN–Hoski shot at the buzzer is off the mark.  NP leads 10-2 after one period–DUN–1 of 8 FGs.

Second Quarter

7:18–NP–layup for a 12-2 lead.
6:42–DUN–Casey Wenzel scores on layup off feed from Sean GIbney for a 12-4 NP lead
6:07–DUN–Heindinger fouled–makes 1 of 2 FTs for a 12-5 NP lead.
5:51–DUN–Brown swipes steal, and goes thre rest of the way for a layup, and a 12-7 NP lead.
4:51–NP–fouled–makes both FTs for a 14-7 lead.
4:15–NP–three pointer for a 17-7 lead.
4:04–DUN–Wenzel layup from left low block for a 17-9 NP lead.
3:33–DUN–Brown goes in for layup and a 17-11 NP lead.
3:26–NP–hits jumper for a 19-11 lead.
2:53–DUN–Wenzel swipes steal.
2:48–NP–steals errant pass by Wenzel for layup and a 21-11 lead.
2:24–DUN–misses shot down low.
2:03–DUN–Jeff Puckett fouled, but misses both FTs.
1:47–NP–misses shot attempt.
1:10–NP–makes three from left wing for a 24-11 lead.
41.2–DUN–Jeff Puckett fouled–makes 1 of 2 FTs for a 24-12 NP lead.
20.0–NP–steals ball off save attempt by Jeff Puckett, and goes in for uncontested layup and a 26-12 lead.
0.0–DUN–Gibney splashes triple from right corner for a 26-15 NP lead at the half.

Third Quarter

6:30–NP–layup for a 28-15 lead.
4:12–DUN–Hoski scores inside for a 28-17 NP lead.
3:57–DUN–Brown scores off steal for a 28-19 NP lead.
3:38–NP–fouled–makes 1 of 2 FTs for a 29-19 lead.
3:15–DUN–Brown scores off another steal for a 29-21 NP lead.
2:30–DUN–fouled on floor…NP–5 team fouls.
2:25–DUN–Brown connects on triple from right wing off inbounds by Gibney for a 29-24 NP lead.
1:43–DUN–Wenzel deflects ball out of bounds–NP timeout.
1:22–DUN–gets rebound, pushes ball up court, but turns it over.
1:12–NP–knocks in three from left wing for a 32-24 lead.
0:30–DUN–Brown misses layup off drive.
0:02–NP–hits jumper from right wing for a 34-24 lead after three.

Fourth Quarter

7:48–NP–fouled–makes both FTs.
7:35–DUN–Jeff Puckett misses jumper from right side.
7:15–DUN–Brown swipes steal, pushes ball upcourt, but NP deflects ball out of bounds.
6:46–NP–blocks DUN shot.
6:29–DUN–Hoski scores on putback for a 36-26 NP lead.
6:13–NP–fouled–made both FTs for a 38-26 lead.
6:02–DUN–Brown drives in for layup and a 38-28 NP lead.
5:43–NP–three point play for a 41-28 lead
5:00–NP–layup from right low block for a 43-28 lead.
4:44–DUN–Hoski reverse layin for a 43-30 NP lead.
4:12–NP–throws pass out of bounds–turnover
3:54–NP–layup and foul–three point play for a 46-30 lead.
3:17–NP–fouled–makes both FTs for a 48-30 lead.
2:49–DUN–Hoski fouled–makes both FTs for a 48-32 NP lead.
2:15–NP–fouled–makes 1 of 2 FTs for a 49-32 lead.
1:50–NP–fouled–makes 1 of 2 FTs for a 50-32 lead.
1:30–NP–fouled–makes both FTs for a 52-32 lead.
1:10–DUN–Kevin Puckett knocks in three from left wing for a 52-35 NP lead.
37.0–DUN–Jeff Puckett scores layup off steal for a 52-37 lead.
15.5–NP–fouled–makes 1 of 2 FTs for a 53-37 lead.

NP wins 53-37.