2018 GMCT Boys Mock Seeding

Breaking Down This Year’s Boys GMCT Quite A Challenge

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ—On Friday morning, GMC Hoops will journey down to Spotswood High School to cover the seeding meeting for both the 2018 GMCT Boys and Girls. This year was a wild year in the GMC with a great deal of parity throughout the conference, especially in the White Division. This year’s mock tourney seeding was quite a challenge, but I did the best I could, and below is what I have:

1. St. Joseph’s (17-4)—First in Red and defeated P-Way.
2. Piscataway (18-2)—Second in Red and defeated St. Joseph’s. Also defeated Woodbridge and split with Old Bridge.
3. Carteret (17-4)—First in GMC Blue. 16-1 in GMC. Split with Bishop Ahr. Defeated Colonia, Edison, North Brunswick, Perth Amboy, and Sayreville. Perhaps the best chance the Ramblers have to win the GMCT since winning it all in 2002.
4. Old Bridge (15-6)—Third in GMC Red. Defeated P-Way and Bishop Ahr. Note: Old Bridge could get the 3rd seed due to win over P-Way, but Carteret has won more games outside of division and also beat Ahr.
5. Sayreville (14-6)—First in GMC White. Defeated Ahr, Colonia, Edison, North Brunswick twice, and Woodbridge twice.
6. Bishop Ahr (16-4)—Second in GMC Blue. Defeated Carteret and East Brunswick.
7. Colonia (12-8)—Defeated Sayreville, Edison, Perth Amboy, and Woodbridge.
8. Timothy Christian (15-6)—Won GMC Gold. Defeated Middlesex, Piscataway Tech and Perth Amboy Tech twice. Split with Dunellen.
9. Edison (12-10)—Tied for 3rd in GMC White. Beat Sayreville, Colonia, Woodbridge, and Monroe.
10. Spotswood (13-8)—3rd in GMC Blue. Defeated Bishop Ahr and Timothy Christian. Lost to Monroe.
11. Woodbridge (10-9)—Tied for 3rd in GMC White. Beat Colonia and Edison.
12. North Brunswick (10-9)—5th in GMC White. Beat Edison twice. Split with Woodbridge. Beat Perth Amboy
13. Perth Amboy (9-12)—4th in GMC Red. Defeated EB and Monroe twice. Split with JPS.
14. East Brunswick (9-10)—5th in GMC Red. Defeated Old Bridge and North Brunswick.
15. J.P. Stevens (9-11)—6th in GMC Red. Defeated Perth Amboy, Edison, and Sayreville. Split with Monroe.
16. Monroe (6-14)—7th in the GMC Red. Defeated East Brunswick, New Brunswick, and Spotswood. Split with J.P. Stevens.
17. South River (13-7)—Tied for 4th in GMC Blue. Beat Timothy Christian, Piscataway Tech, and split with Middlesex.
18. New Brunswick (6-13)—6th in GMC White. Defeated North Brunswick twice.
19. Middlesex (10-11)—Tied for 4th in GMC Blue. Split with South River and Defeated Piscataway Tech. Beat Dunellen twice. Lost to Timothy Christian and North Brunswick.
20. Piscataway Tech (17-5)—2nd in GMC Gold. Defeated Metuchen, South Plainfield, J.F. Kennedy, and Dunellen (twice). Split with Amboy Tech.
21. Metuchen (6-14)—6th in GMC Blue. Defeated Spotswood twice.
22. Dunellen (13-8)—Tied for 3rd in GMC Gold. Defeated Timothy Christian. Split with Perth Amboy Tech.
23. South Plainfield (4-18)—7th in the GMC Blue. Defeated Edison, Amboy Tech, Metuchen, and J.F. Kennedy.
24. Perth Amboy Tech (12-8)—Tied for 3rd in GMC Gold. Defeated Piscataway Tech and Dunellen.
25. Highland Park (6-11)—5th in GMC Gold. Defeated East Brunswick Tech and South Amboy twice. Split with Wardlaw.
26. Wardlaw-Hartridge (3-17)—6th in GMC Gold. Split with EB Tech, Highland Park, and South Amboy.
27. East Brunswick Tech (3-20)—7th in GMC Gold. Split with Wardlaw and South Amboy.
28. South Amboy (2-20)—8th in GMC Gold. Split with Wardlaw and EB Tech.
29. South Brunswick (0-17)—8th in GMC Red.
30. J.F. Kennedy (0-19)—7th in GMC White.

NOTE: Some of the lowest seeded teams may not compete in the tournament. South Amboy indicated to GMC Hoops last week that they would not play in the GMCT this year.