2023 GMCT Mock Seeding – Final Draft

Timothy Christian’s Jett Phillips follows through on a three pointer in the fourth quarter that helped lifted the Tigers past Middlesex, 61-58 in a GMC Blue clash on Thursday afternoon in Piscataway.

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Believe it or not everyone, the 2023 Greater Middlesex Conference boys basketball tournament is less than a week away. The GMCT seeding meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 3rd. Play-In round games are slated for the next day, Saturday, February 4th.

With all of that in mind, GMC Hoops decided to take some time to put together its final draft of the mock seeding for the 2023 GMCT. This particular draft of the mock seeding takes into account the order of the GMC Red Pilot Program standings, which only counts the first games that all the teams in the division played head to head since Aquinas and Joes only played the all the GMC Red public schools once with the exception of Colonia.

The latest edition of the GMCT Boys Mock Seeding also takes into account results from Wednesday and Thursday’s games. Now keep in mind that this is not official. This exercise is being done so that the players, coaches, parents, and fans get a little bit of an idea of how the GMCT seeding committee may be thinking.

  1. St. Thomas Aquinas (20-1) – Clinched Red
  2. Colonia (16-5) – split with Joes; beat P-Way
  3. South River (20-1) – Clinched GNC Blue; Beat Joes
  4. St. Joseph’s (12-8) – Beat Colonia and SP
  5. South Plainfield (18-3) – split with NBT; Clinched GMC White
  6. North Brunswick (19-3) – split with SP; beat SB
  7. South Brunswick (13-5) – beat Pway twice;
  8. Calvary Christian (14-2) – first in GMC Gold
  9. Piscataway (9-14) – Split with JPS and SR
  10. J.P. Stevens (9-12) – Split with PWay, Beat TCS, Old Bridge, Woodbridge, and Edison; Also tied for 6th in GMC Red Pilot Standings
  11. Old Bridge (9-10) –  Beat PA; Beat Edison; Split with JPS; Also tied for 6th in GMC Red Pilot Standings: Beat Sayreville (69-45).
  12. Spotswood (16-5) – 2nd GMC Blue; Beat Sayreville (83-60).
  13. Perth Amboy (9-10) – Tied for 3rd in GMC White; Split with NBT; Split with Woodbridge
  14. Woodbridge (10-9) – Tied for 3rd in GMC White; Split with Edison; Split with PA. Lost to NBT twice.
  15. Monroe (2-17) – Beat EB; But finished ahead of EB in GMC Red Pilot Standings in 7th Place.
  16. East Brunswick (7-13) – Beat JPS twice; Beat Monroe, Beat Edison; Beat Sayreville.  Finished 8th in GMC Red Pilot Standings
  17. Timothy Christian (10-10) – Beat Spotswood twice and Sayreville.  Split with Middlesex.  Tied for 3rd in GMC Blue.
  18. Edison (8-13) – Split with PA, Split with Woodbridge.  Split with North Plainfield.
  19. Middlesex (13-8) – Beat Metuchen 2X, Split with TCS, Beat Manville – Tied 3rd in GMC Blue.
  20. North Plainfield (7-10) – Beat PA, Beat Metuchen, Split Edison, and lost Manville.
  21. Carteret (8-12) – Beat Metuchen twice; Split with Middlesex, TCS, and JFK.
  22. Metuchen (8-13) – Split with TCS; Beat JFK twice; Lost to NP; Lost to Amboy (63-53); 
  23. Highland Park (14-3) – Lost to Calvary; Beat JFK.  Lost to Manville.
  24. Sayreville (4-18) – Beat Calvary Christian; Split with NP; Lost to TCS; Lost to PA (59-41)
  25. J.F. Kennedy (5-15) – Beat TCS and Carteret
  26. New Brunswick (2-19) – Beat Sayreville; Beat Central Jersey College Charter (73-16)
  27. South Amboy (9-8) – Beat Central Jersey College Charter (77-30).
  28. East Brunswick Magnet (10-8) – Split with South Amboy.
  29. Piscataway Magnet (5-12) – Beat Somerset Tech twice; Split with Dunellen.
  30. Somerset Tech (8-8) –  Beat EB Magnet.
  31. Dunellen (4-15) – Split with PWay Magnet.
  32. Wardlaw-Hartridge (0-14) – Lost Middlesex twice (91-33) and (71-48).  Last in GMC Blue.
  33. Perth Amboy Magnet (0-14) – Lost to Middlesex (72-21); Last in GMC Gold.