Defense Is The Key To A Winning GMC Formula

Good afternoon. Just finished pouring through and compiling the team stats for all the schools in the Greater Middlesex Conference, and found an interesting statistic. If you look at the team defense section, you’ll find that there are 12 teams in the GMC that have given up an average of less than 50 points per game. Of those twelve teams, nine of them have a winning record, eight are currently in the GMC Hoops Top Ten, one is .500, and only two are below .500. Combined, these teams have a record of 47-16, and have given up an average of 45.6 points per game. Take a look at the breakdown below:

Team Overall Record Avg.
PPG Allowed
6-0 36.2
Piscataway 3-1 40.3
Sayreville 6-1 42.6
Middlesex 4-1 43.2
Edison 1-4 46.8
Brunswick Vo-Tech
3-1 47.5
Colonia 6-1 47.6
3-1 48.0
Dunellen 2-2 48.0
Monroe 6-1 48.7
5-0 49.6
2-3 49.6

In addition, there are seven more teams that have given up less than 55 points per contest, and they have a combined record of just 12-26. In most cases, fewer points allowed mean more wins.