Past MCT/GMCT Elite Eights

Past MCT/GMC Elite Eights

To get to the Final Four, you must get through the quarterfinals or Elite Eight first. The MCT and GMCT are no exception. The table below contains the past member schools that have reached the Middlesex County Tournament and Greater Middlesex Conference Boys Basketball Tournament Elite Eight from the MCT’s inception in 1965 up and through the present.

Past Middlesex County Tournament/Greater Middlesex Conference Tournament Elite Eight Teams

Year Champion Runner-Up Semifinalist Semifinalist Quarterfinalist Quarterfinalist Quarterfinalist Quarterfinalist
1965 Perth Amboy Edison South River St. Joseph’s Madison Township Woodbridge J.F. Kennedy Carteret
1966 Perth Amboy Edison St. Joseph’s St. Peter’s Woodbridge Madison Township Metuchen Piscataway
1967 Perth Amboy St. Joseph’s East Brunswick Hoffman South River Piscataway Woodbridge Metuchen
1968 St. Peter’s Piscataway St. Joseph’s South River Perth Amboy Colonia East Brunswick Madison Township
1969 Colonia South River Perth Amboy New Brunswick Woodbridge St. Joseph’s East Brunswick Edison
1970 Perth Amboy New Brunswick St. Mary’s (S.A.) East Brunswick Colonia Edison Woodbridge St. Joseph’s
1971 Metuchen New Brunswick Perth Amboy Woodbridge Hoffman East Brunswick Piscataway St. Peter’s
1972 Perth Amboy St. Peter’s Woodbridge New Brunswick Colonia Edison Metuchen Piscataway
1973 Perth Amboy Sayreville J.F. Kennedy St. Thomas Aquinas East Brunswick Colonia Carteret St. Joseph’s
1974 Perth Amboy J.F. Kennedy Woodbridge Sayreville Carteret Metuchen Highland Park St. Thomas Aquinas
1975 Perth Amboy Woodbridge J.P. Stevens St. Joseph’s St. Thomas Aquinas Colonia Metuchen New Brunswick
1976 Piscataway Perth Amboy New Brunswick Colonia Carteret J.F. Kennedy St. Thomas Aquinas J.P. Stevens
1977 Piscataway Carteret Woodbridge J.F. Kennedy St. Joseph’s Madison Central South River Perth Amboy
1978 South River Perth Amboy Carteret J.F. Kennedy New Brunswick Woodbridge Metuchen Cedar Ridge
1979 South River Colonia East Brunswick Sayreville Carteret New Brunswick Perth Amboy St. Joseph’s
1980 Colonia Perth Amboy St. Peter’s Piscataway Sayreville St. Mary’s (S.A.) J.P. Stevens St. Joseph’s
1981 Perth Amboy St. Peter’s J.P. Stevens Sayreville St. Mary’s (P.A.) New Brunswick Spotswood Carteret
1982 St. Thomas Aquinas St. Joseph’s Woodbridge New Brunswick St. Peter’s South River Perth Amboy Carteret
1983 St. Peter’s St. Joseph’s Carteret Metuchen Woodbridge New Brunswick East Brunswick J.F. Kennedy
1984 St. Peter’s St. Joseph’s East Brunswick New Brunswick Colonial Madison Central Metuchen South River
1985 St. Peter’s New Brunswick Perth Amboy East Brunswick Colonia Metuchen Piscataway Tech Carteret
1986 Carteret New Brunswick East Brunswick Perth Amboy Colonia Piscataway Tech Edison J.P. Stevens
1987 East Brunswick J.P. Stevens Colonia Metuchen Highland Park New Brunswick Perth Amboy St. Joseph’s
1988 Metuchen St. Peter’s Carteret Cedar Ridge St. Joseph’s J.P. Stevens J.F. Kennedy Perth Amboy
1989 J.P. Stevens East Brunswick Perth Amboy South Brunswick Woodbridge St. Peter’s Cedar Ridge St. Joseph’s
1990 J.F. Kennedy Perth Amboy St. Peter’s Colonia St. Joseph’s Piscataway Tech East Brunswick Piscataway
1991 Piscataway St. Joseph’s South Plainfield Bishop Ahr South River Piscataway Tech East Brunswick North Brunswick
1992 Bishop Ahr St. Joseph’s Perth Amboy Piscataway Dunellen South River East Brunswick Perth Amboy Tech
1993 St. Joseph’s South Brunswick Perth Amboy Piscataway St. Peter’s Perth Amboy Tech Bishop Ahr Piscataway Tech
1994 Piscataway St. Peter’s New Brunswick Colonia South Brunswick East Brunswick Perth Amboy Bishop Ahr
1995 Piscataway East Brunswick Colonia St. Peter’s Piscataway Tech Dunellen J.P. Stevens New Brunswick
1996 East Brunswick Piscataway South Brunswick St. Peter’s Colonia Edison Highland Park Monroe
1997 North Brunswick St. Joseph’s St. Peter’s East Brunswick Highland Park Piscataway Perth Amboy Sayreville
1998 St. Joseph’s Sayreville North Brunswick Perth Amboy Old Bridge Highland Park St. Mary’s S.A. Colonia
1999 St. Joseph’s Colonia Sayreville Perth Amboy Highland Park St. Peter’s St. Mary’s S.A. South Brunswick
2000 Sayreville Carteret Colonia East Brunswick North Brunswick Piscataway St. Joseph’s South Brunswick
2001 Colonia St. Joseph’s East Brunswick Carteret New Brunswick Piscataway South Brunswick Middlesex
2002 Carteret Colonia South Brunswick New Brunswick Piscataway Sayreville Highland Park Old Bridge
2003 Cardinal McCarrick St. Joseph’s New Brunswick South Plainfield Perth Amboy Sayreville Colonia Old Bridge
2004 South Plainfield Colonia Cardinal McCarrick St. Joseph’s New Brunswick Piscataway J.P. Stevens Sayreville
2005 South Plainfield St. Joseph’s South Brunswick Colonia Cardinal McCarrick New Brunswick Piscataway Old Bridge
2006 Colonia Metuchen St. Joseph’s Monroe South Brunswick East Brunswick New Brunswick Old Bridge
2007 Piscataway Cardinal McCarrick South Brunswick South Plainfield Colonia East Brunswick Bishop Ahr Old Bridge
2008 Cardinal McCarrick St. Joseph’s Piscataway Colonia Bishop Ahr J.P. Stevens Carteret South Amboy
2009 Piscataway St. Joseph’s Cardinal McCarrick Monroe Colonia Bishop Ahr Sayreville J.P. Stevens
2010 St. Joseph’s Monroe Spotswood Sayreville East Brunswick New Brunswick Cardinal McCarrick North Brunswick
2011 St. Joseph’s Piscataway Bishop Ahr Cardinal McCarrick East Brunswick Perth Amboy South Brunswick J.F. Kennedy
2012 St. Joseph’s North Brunswick East Brunswick Cardinal McCarrick South Brunswick Monroe New Brunswick Piscataway
2013 St. Joseph’s East Brunswick Woodbridge Old Bridge North Brunswick Carteret Spotswood Sayreville
2014 St. Joseph’s East Brunswick Sayreville Colonia North Brunswick Spotswood Woodbridge South Amboy
2015 Colonia St. Joseph’s Perth Amboy East Brunswick South Brunswick Carteret Woodbridge Sayreville
2016 St. Joseph’s South Brunswick Woodbridge East Brunswick Colonia Sayreville Old Bridge Spotswood
2017 St. Joseph’s Sayreville South Brunswick Woodbridge Old Bridge Carteret  Piscataway J.F. Kennedy
2018 St. Joseph’s Colonia Old Bridge Carteret Piscataway Bishop Ahr Edison Perth Amboy
2019 St. Joseph’s Piscataway Colonia New Brunswick Old Bridge Bishop Ahr Carteret Monroe
2020 St. Thomas Aquinas South Brunswick St. Joseph’s Edison Carteret Colonia Dunellen Old Bridge
2022* St. Thomas Aquinas Colonia St. Joseph’s Monroe South Brunswick Edison South Plainfield Piscataway
2023 St. Thomas Aquinas South Brunswick South River St. Joseph’s Colonia South Plainfield North Brunswick Piscataway
2024 St. Joseph’s Colonia St. Thomas Aquinas South Plainfield Monroe Woodbridge Timothy Christian East Brunswick
2024 Colonia St. Thomas Aquinas St. Joseph’s South Plainfield Monroe Woodbridge Timothy Christian East Brunswick

*No GMCT in 2021 due to COVID.