Support GMC Hoops

Welcome to the Support GMC Hoops page. With your help, GMC Hoops will be able to continue to provide great coverage of boys basketball in Middlesex County along with increased coverage of GMC girls basketball. If you enjoy the coverage of Greater Middlesex Conference boys basketball provided by this site, and you would like to help, please read the information below concerning the costs that go into running the site as well as how you can give your support.

Costs Involved in Running GMC Hoops

I have managed to run this site for over 16 years, and I would like to continue doing this because I love to cover high school sports, and it is an outlet for me since it gives me something positive to do. Below are the costs that I have incurred for running GMC Hoops:

  • Web hosting and email costs in order to keep the site up and running.
  • Wireless phone for providing updates with video via Twitter and Facebook at games.
  • Broadband usage via Verizon FiOS to upload video highlights and photos to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blog, and photo gallery.
  • Computer equipment costs for such things as hard drives, computers, and cameras.
  • Cost of gas involved in traveling to regular season, spring league, summer league, and fall league games and camps.
  • Cost of food either purchased at the site of games played, or on the road traveling from one game to another.
  • Cost of getting into non-conference, holiday tournament, showcase, and state tournament games. I currently do not have an NJSIAA media pass. I only have been able to get a pass from the Greater Middlesex Conference. I have tried on occasion to obtain an NJSIAA pass, but was told that my site was a conference web site, and according to rules, I was not able to get such a media pass.

How You Can Support GMC Hoops

You can give support to GMC Hoops in two ways right now. The first method is via PayPal at If you do not feel comfortable with making a donation through PayPal, you can email me at so that we can work something out that is better for you.