GMC Hoops Highlights–November 6, 2016–Middlesex vs. Bridgewater-Raritan–Immaculata Fall League

Here are highlights from the action in Bridgewater-Raritan’s win over Middlesex on the final day of the 2016 Immaculata Fall League in Somerville.

In the third game of the final day of action at the 2016 Immaculata Fall League, Middlesex took on Bridgewater-Raritan in a classic clash of small school and big school. Led by three point shooting from Chris Hendricks and Tyler Ha as well as two dunks by Jake Robel, the Blue Jays had a 50-45 lead with about 10:15 to play, but Bridgewater-Raritan went on a decisive 17-2 tear to take a 10 point lead late, and went on to win, 62-54.