GMC Hoops Highlights–August 1, 2015–J.P. Stevens vs. Lakewood–Kean Ironman Challenge

Here are highlights from the action between J.P. Stevens and Lakewood in the 3rd place game of the 2015 Kean Ironman Challenge II PM Session. J.P. Stevens completed its 6th game in 48 hours by taking on Ocean County and CJ Group II power, Lakewood. The Piners got off to a fast start thanks to some long threes, and the Hawks weren’t able to keep up. Lakewood led 30-13 at one point late in the first half, and then pulled away from a 40-28 advantage early in the second half with a 26-13 surge over the last 12:05 for the win. Alex Corrigan and Brian Beiter were bright spots for the Hawks in defeat.