Star-Ledger College Summer League–Final Regular Season Standings

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–With the completion of regular season play on Thursday night in the 2008 Star-Ledger College Summer League, D’Annunzio & Sons and AXA Advisors earned the top two seeds in the playoffs while Bignell Planning, Nelligan Sports Marketing, VP Builders, and the Scarlet Fever all had first round playoff dates. GMC Hoops was able to obtain the final regular season standings for this league courtesy of Jay Gomes of NJ Hoops. Below are the final standings:

  • D’Annunzio & Sons (8-2)
  • AXA Advisors (7-3)
  • Bignell Planning (4-6)
  • Nelligan Sports Marketing (4-6)
  • VP Builders (4-6)
  • Scarlet Fever (3-7)

GMC Hoops came out to the Barn on Sunday to take in the nightcap game between Nelligan Sports Marketing and VP Builders in the first round of the playoffs.