GMC Hoops Mock Seeding of 2020 Boys GMCT

St. Joseph’s Gets Our Top Seed Followed By SB, Aquinas, New Brunswick, and Carteret

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ—The time has come to do our annual mock seeding of the 2020 Greater Middlesex Conference Tournament. GMC Hoops spent Wednesday afternoon and evening going through all 31 seeds for the 2020 GMCT, and determined St. Joseph’s as the top seed. The top five seeds determined were: 1.) St. Joe’s, 2.) South Brunswick, 3.) St. Thomas Aquinas, 4.) New Brunswick, and 5.) Carteret.

Below is a breakdown of all of the seeds with a brief explanation. Please note: These are seeds determined by GMC Hoops, and not written in stone. The coaches had a meeting tonight, and the GMCT Seeding Committee will convene tomorrow morning at Spotswood High School starting at 9:00 AM. Both the GMCT Boys and Girls tourneys will be seeded. GMC Hoops plans to attend the seeding meeting, and will be live tweeting as the seeds are determined.

These seeds were determined based upon quality wins, head to head wins, and placing within the respective divisions. Also note. These seeds are not reflective of the GMC Hoops Top 10, and other rankings. Some of the seeds are close to those rankings, but are purely coincidental. Here what we think as of right now:

1. St. Joseph’s (16-6)—Won GMC Red. Beat St. Thomas Aquinas.

2. South Brunswick (16-4)—2nd in GMC Red, and also beat St. Joseph’s. Also defeated Burlington City, which was ranked 20th in NJ (95-62), and Pennington (77-74).

3. St. Thomas Aquinas (19-4)—Won GMC Blue. Lost to St. Joe’s, but beat Carteret twice, and Rumson Fair-Haven outside of conference. Could still be seeded as No. 2 depending upon coaches meeting and seeding committee.

4. New Brunswick (15-4)—Won Share of GMC White on the court, and beat South Brunswick head to head.

5. Carteret (17-5)—Finished 2nd in GMC Blue. Lost to Aquinas twice by an average of 4.5 points. Defeated Colonia, North Brunswick, Woodbridge, and Old Bridge in conference, and Rahway, Manalapan and Holmdel out of conference. Lost to Union County Powers Union (2 OTs) and Plainfield in OT.

6. Edison (16-5)—Won Share of GMC White on the court. Beat New Brunswick, Colonia, North Brunswick (twice), South Plainfield, and J.P. Stevens. Lost to Holmdel out of conference.

7. Colonia (17-4)—Finished 3rd in GMC White on the court. Beat New Brunswick, Edison, and North Brunswick (twice) as well as P-Way out of division.

8. Perth Amboy (11-7)—Finished 3rd in GMC Red. Beat South Brunswick and split with East Brunswick. Also got forfeit win over Aquinas.

9. Dunellen (19-2)—Won GMC Gold. Beat Sayreville and Middlesex out of division and Dickinson of Jersey City outside of conference.

10. North Brunswick (12-8)—Finished 4th in GMC White. Beat East Brunswick and Metuchen out of division.

11. East Brunswick (10-9)—Finished 4th in GMC Red. Split with Amboy and beat Monroe twice.

12. Monroe (12-10)—Finished 5th in GMC Red. Beat Amboy twice. Beat Old Bridge twice. Split with P-Way, and beat Edison.

13. Piscataway (5-16)—Tied far 6th in GMC Red. Split with EB. Split with OB. Split with MON.

14. Old Bridge (5-16)—Tied for 6th in GMC Red. Split with EB. Split with P-Way. Lost twice to MON.

15. South Plainfield (11-9)—Finished Tied for 3rd in GMC Blue. Beat JPS. Beat WBG. Split with MID. Split with SPOTS. Beat MET twice.

16. J.P. Stevens (3-19)—Finished 8th in GMC Red. Beat MON, Perth Amboy Tech, and P-Way. Lost to SP and MET.

17. Wardlaw-Hartridge (16-4)—Finished 2nd in GMC Gold. Beat Spotswood.

18. Timothy Christian (13-6)—Finished 3rd in GMC Gold. Beat Dunellen.

19. Spotswood (10-12)—Finished Tied for 3rd in GMC Blue. Split with SP and MID, and lost to MON and Dunellen.

20. Middlesex (11-9)—Finished 5th in GMC Blue. Split with SP and SPOTS. Also beat PAVT, PVT, SA, and WBG.

21. J.F. Kennedy (8-11)—Finished tied for 5th in GMC White. Beat SAY twice. Split with WBG.

22. Sayreville (7-15)—Finished tied for 5th in GMC White. Beat COL and MET.

23. Metuchen (6-14)—Finished 6th in GMC Blue. Beat JPS. Beat Calvary Christian. Split with MID.

24. Perth Amboy Tech (11-9)—Finished 4th in GMC Gold. Beat TCS. Lost to MID and JPS.

25. Woodbridge (3-19)—Finished 7th in GMC White. Split with JFK. Beat SAY once. Lost SAY twice.

26. East Brunswick Tech (7-11)—Finished 5th in GMC Gold. Beat P-Way Tech twice.

27. Piscataway Tech (6-14)—Finished tied for 6th in GMC Gold. Beat South River and Timothy Christian.

28. South River (2-21)—Finished 7th in GMC Blue. Beat SA and CC.

29. South Amboy (5-15)—Finished tied for 6th in GMC Gold. Defeated Calvary Christian twice.

30. Calvary Christian (8-14)—Finished tied for 6th in GMC Gold. Beat HP twice and split with both EB Tech and P-Way Tech.

31. Highland Park (2-18)—Finished 9th in GMC Gold. Beat South River and South Amboy.

Let’s play the games. Let Middlesex Madness begin.